Ripoff or Remediation

In the State of Maine you can become any business you want.  Get a business card made up and off you go….Air Quality Expert…..Contractor…..Mold Remediator.  Some remediation companies are franchises that anyone can buy their name and start being remediators….no experience required.  The only “law” in Maine for mold remediation is that if you spray a product to clean the mold you must hold a pesticide license certified by the State of Maine.

Remediation can be costly.  There are plenty of “bad” remediation jobs out there, where inexperienced remediators not only don’t clean the mold properly they are probably contaminating your home worse than when you started.

Here’s an example of how companies vary when homeowners get remediation estimates:

A homeowner has a 1000 sq ft attic full of mold.  They called in two companies to get estimates to remove the mold.  Here’s what happened.

Company A has less than 4 years experience in any form of remediation or air quality.  Just a few years previously they were in a different profession.  They have taken some online courses that do not give them professional certification but only training certification.  There are many online companies that offer these “mold certification classes” anyone can pass.  Company A took their own air sample in the attic.  They sent it to a independent lab…however the damage is already done and this untrained air quality expert will also be interpreting the results.   As a professional indoor environmental consultant I would never base a recommendation on an air sample, especially one taken by a  inexperienced person.  So let’s catch up…..Company A …no experience….does their own “air quality” inspection…..uses results for scare tactics…..then gives you the bad news….it’s going to cost over $14,000 to “clean” your attic….oh yea and don’t worry we’ll check our own work with another air sample and prove to you how good we did!!!

Company B….been in business over 20 years…..proven track record for cleaning and removing mold…..employees trained …..uses a third-party inspector for any lab evaluations and post remediation verification.  Their estimate for the same attic $2100.

This is a true story….just like this story on the Today Show about mold remediators

Buyer Beware.   Call or email TP Environmental for a list of reputable remediation companies that won’t rip you off.  If you think you have a mold problem use an environmental services company for the initial inspection to ensure there is a problem and if there is get three estimates and use a third-party inspector for post remediation verification.   or 207-991-0171