To Be or Not To Be Part of the Better Business Bureau

As a business owner it never made sense to me to join a company that wanted money to tell people I was a good company.  About 20 years ago I got my first telemarketing call from the BBB and I asked them why I would need them when I have customers who can vouch for my company and it’s work.  That upset the caller from the BBB.

Now it seems my concerns are merited as the BBB has had its ethics questioned.  As a business owner in today’s world making decisions on where you spend your money is important in the survival of your company.  Follow the link and make your own decision on whether you think giving your hard-earned money to the Better Business Bureau is what your company needs to stay in business.  I have yet to join after 20 years and my company is doing great!

The  Better Business Bureau is NOT a government agency. Instead  the BBB is a private 501(c)(6)  organization with $143  Million in annual revenues derived from  membership dues  it receives from the very businesses it reports  on.