Insurance Tips – Protect Your Investment

Is your homeowners insurance adequate?  The Insurance Superintendent of Maine urges Mainers to check their policies.

Did you know you can protect yourself from your insurance company making decisions you don’t think are right?  In the State of Maine the Insurance Commission regulates decisions your insurance company makes on your claims.  If you think your claim has not been handled right contact the Insurance Commission of Maine

As with auto repair work your insurance company cannot tell you who to use when it comes to home repair including remediating environmental issues.  A preferred supplier of a insurance company does not mean they are the best choice.   If you have an environmental issue that needs to be cleaned up , mold, lead, radon….contact TP Environmental for a list of competent companies.  And always get a couple of estimates.  Any environmental cleanup should include a third-party testing company to ensure the results of the cleanup.  Any company making money doing the cleanup should not be doing initial or final testing to determine if they have done an adequate job.

TP Environmental is a third-party inspector with over 20 years experience