Urban Legend…..”Bleach kills Mold”

Bleach doesn’t kill mold.  Bleach (active ingredient is Sodium  Hypochlorite) is very effective in removing the discoloration but may leave  the microflora that will enable the mold to return in exactly the same spot when conditions are right.

Bleach will not kill the mold but a good biocide or anti-microbial, will. When you use the right kind of anti-microbial, the mold will be destroyed and  the underlying bio-slime will be annihilated.

Here are some products that do kill mold….

Environmentally Friendly Products:

Vinegar is in virtually every household and is great in fighting against mold and mildew. Its acidic quality makes vinegar an excellent fungicide, and it is known to kill 82 percent of mold. Unlike tea tree oil, there is no process involved in creating a spray. Pour vinegar into a spray bottle and it’s ready to use. The other advantage of vinegar is that it is much cheaper than tea tree oil. However, it has a Stronger and more unpleasant smell. The odor does not last long. A few hours.


Fiberlock IAQ 1000 is a hydrogen peroxide-based, biodegradable, chlorine-free cleaner. IAQ 1000 is pH-neutral, and contains an agent that will whiten and brighten while cleaning, but does not contain sodium hypochlorite (bleach). IAQ 1000 is suitable for use in water damage restoration situations to remove odor-causing mold, mildew, bacteria and other microbial growth on porous and semi-porous, and non-porous materials. IAQ 1000 contains no dyes or perfumes, and is not corrosive like many industrial cleaners. IAQ 1000 is specifically designed for cleaning after water damage, sewer backups and floods. IAQ 1000 is supplied in a powerful, ready-to-use formula that can be applied directly from the container.



Thieves Oil Thieves oil has an FDA supplement facts panel on the label. It’s so safe that workers can breathe it while it’s diffusing. While mold may be reduced immediately by standard remediation products, it often makes a fast comeback. Thieves continues killing the mold for weeks afterward.




 Foster® 40-80TM Disinfectant is a convenient, one-step EPA Registered formulation to kill odor-causing bacteria and inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. This all in one —disinfectant, sanitizer, cleaner, fungicide, mildewstat, germicide and deodorizer— is designed for use in water damage restoration and clean-up of mold and microbe impacted porous and non-porous materials. For use in businesses, hospitals, institutional and industrial.

Fiberlock IAQ 2000 is a phosphate-free, quaternary ammonium chloride formulation designed for use in a diverse assortment of buildings, both residential and commercial. Fiberlock IAQ 2000 is a concentrated formula that will disinfect hard, nonporous inanimate environmental surfaces. Use IAQ 2000 to clean and disinfect mold-contaminated surfaces as part of all mold-remediation projects. Fiberlock IAQ 2000 is an EPA-registered product.

 Mint Surge The Mint Surge (SA-216) is a disinfectant, germicide, and deodorant. It is proven to be effective against bacteria and viruses. This quat disinfectant is a broad spectrum disinfectant effective against gram positive, gram negative, fungi and selected viruses.This can be purchased at Penobscot Cleaning in Brewer

Benefect Botanical Disinfectant This ready-to-use product is ideal for restoration contractors to disinfect any hard, non-porous surface such as mold contaminated construction materials. It also controls and inhibits odor causing mold and other odor causing organisms on a variety of porous and semi-porous materials including: wood studs, sub floors, trim, lumber, tack strips, concrete and paneling. Also suitable for deodorizing such surfaces as carpeting, carpet under-pad and other semi-porous furnishings. Wet the surface with the spray and leave for 10 minutes. Rinsing is not required.



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