Let’s Clear the Air

Since 1990 the US EPA has consistently ranked indoor air pollution as one of the top five environmental risks to public health.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) affects our health, comfort, productivity, and quality of life.  During each minute of the of the more than 21 hours we spend inside our homes and other indoor spaces each day, we breathe an average of 12 to 20 times per minute, taking in one to two gallons of air.  Each of those 12 to 20 breaths per minute — or in the case of our children, an average of 16 to 30 breaths per minute — contains not only the oxygen we need to stay alive, but also any airborne pollutants that may be present.  Given that indoor air pollution levels are typically two to five times greater than outdoor levels, and occasionally even 25 to 100 times greater, the immediate importance of understanding indoor air quality and how we can control and improve our indoor air environment is CLEAR.

From a neighbor burning and sending a variety of toxic chemicals into your home…..a leak that follows a path behind your sheetrock that has no visible indication of mold but given time, less than 4 to 5 hours mold growth will begin….your children running in from outside carrying pesticides on their feet….your carpet and furniture off gassing…..organic chemicals in your household products….combustion….candles….bats and rodents that carry bacteria…static electricity that causes skin rashes that look like insect bites….let me help you solve your air quality problems here at GOT BAD AIR?