Home Inspections in Maine

Whether your a seller or buyer of a home an inspection can help you ensure there are no deal breakers and no costly issues to be remedied.  Finding the right inspector is the next step.  Home inspectors in Maine do not need to be licensed.  There are many organizations that offer certification in Home Inspections these are mostly membership certifications that only require you to pay a monthly dues.  If your home inspector is taking a sample for radon air or water they must be certified by the State of Maine or it is illegal to take the sample.

Check to see if your radon professional is certified:


TP Environmental Consulting offers sellers and buyers tailored inspections to meet their individual needs.  We offer Full Residential and Commercial Inspections.  We are very competitive and our inspections are done by licensed engineers. All our inspectors are also Certified by the State of Maine in Building, Ventilation and Energy Code.  We include a full electrical inspection by a Master Electrician and Radon Air and Water Testing by a State of Maine Certified Measurement Specialist.  Our roof to road inspections evaluate structural and environmental issues. We include pest, mold, lead and asbestos.

Environmental Evaluation  $295.00 Includes Radon air and water testing, a visual inspection of the attic and basement for water damage, mold, lead, asbestos and pest

Electrical Inspection $250.00 Inspection by a master electrician

Full Inspections  $550.00 Includes Structural, Environmental (pest, mold, lead, asbestos), Radon air and water testing.  A separate inspection of electrical with a separate report.

Here are some of the issues and cost associated with them:

Radon Air reduction systems run $1100 – $2500 depending on the house

Radon Water reduction systems run $4000 – $6000 depending on the level of radon in the water

Electrical can be as simple as proper installation of GFI’s and Smoke/Carbon Monoxide alarms or as costly as a system upgrade

Wet Basements are not unusually in Maine understanding how to maintain and improve the health of your basement is the key

Attic venting and improper attic entries are the two major sources of mold I see in attic areas.  Opening up a attic entry and seeing black staining is never a good thing for a seller to find during a buyer’s inspection.

Call TP Environmental today to help you make the right decision with the home you are buying or selling!