Selling your House What are Your Deal Breakers

Deal breakers happen when the unknown is discovered in a real estate sale.

What are your unknowns?

FPE Breaker Boxes

FPE Federal Pacific Electric Hazards Home Page: this website explains the fire and shock hazards associated with Federal Pacific Electric Stab-lok circuit breakers and service panels, provides a history of the issue, recounts independent, unbiased research on FPE failures, and recommends replacement of the panels. Photographs are provided to aid in identification of Federal Pacific FPE Stab-Lok equipment.

Replacement FPE Stab-Lok circuit breakers are unlikely to reduce the failure risk of this equipment. We recommend that residential FPE Stab-Lok electrical panels be replaced entirely or the entire panel bus assembly be replaced, regardless of FPE model number or FPE year of manufacture. We do not sell circuit breakers nor any other products.

Polybutylene (PB) Plumbing 

Polybutylene—The Pipe of the Future? Polybutylene is a gray plastic water supply line pipe that was developed in the 1970’s and promoted as “the pipe of the future.” At the time, the perceived advantages of poly were the low cost over copper and the ease of installation. But in the 1980’s structures with poly started reporting leaks. And when poly pipes were replaced, it was noticed that the interior walls of the pipes and fittings were breaking down and flaking apart.

It’s in up to 10 Million Properties Nationwide. From 1978 to 1995, up to ten million homes, mobile homes apartment buildings, and commercial structures were built with poly or had poly installed during remodeling. It’s commonly found in properties in the Sun Belt, the Mid-Atlantic states, and the Pacific Northwest.

The Unknown  – Inaccurate Inspections

It’s probably the wrong time to find mold or what looks like mold to a untrained home inspector when a buyer is interested.  It’s better for a seller to do a pre-inspection of their property to identify any potential “unknowns” prior to a interested buyer bringing in their own inspector.  The reason is DISCLOSURE.  Even if the findings are inaccurate the word is out….your house has MOLD!  Using a trained professional to identify these unknowns will eliminate the the buyer finding these hidden issues and instead you will be able to inform them of any issues and the remedies you have administered. 

Mold is only one unknown….Asbestos Vermiculite in Attic insulation….Efflorescence mistaken for mold…..Radon levels….the list goes on.

TP Environmental Consulting does pre-inspections.  The cost for a pre-inspection to determine any unknowns in the home is $195.  This includes one lab sample.  To include a full electrical inspection from a licensed master electrician a additional $100.

Don’t let the fear of the Unknown be a Deal Breaker for your sale!