Blindsided By Mold: A True Story About A Bathroom Renovation Gone Bad—So Very, Very Bad

First a Poem….Mold, Mold

Mold, mold
Marvelous mold,
Alluring to look at,
Enthralling to hold,
You are so delightful
I can’t help but smile
When I nuzzle a smidgen of mold for a while

Slime, slime,
Savory slime,
You’re luscious and succulent
Any old time,
There’s hardly a thing
That is nearly as grand
As a dollop of slime
In the palm of my hand

Some think you are miserable
Manners of muck
They can’t stand to see you,
You make them say, “Yuk!”
But I think you’re fetching,
Beguiling and fine,
Mold, you are glorious,
Slime, you’re divine

Jack Prelutsky

Recently, I came across a great three part blog posting by Trish Holder of Greenspiration Home, dedicated to educating homeowners about green building, renovating, and decorating.

To summarize, after 10 years, this homeowner found a horrific mold problem in her home that was caused by 1) an improperly installed shower liner that had left the area beneath the shower floor and surrounding areas exposed to moisture and 2) the tile in the shower had been applied directly to sheet rock instead of cement board.

Luckily, this story had a happy ending. Please check out Trish’s blog to learn why this story ended positively and read her recommendations on how you can avoid this problem from happening.

Mold is a growing concern; our goal is to educate and create awareness. The “M” word as Trish references in her article is something we should not shy away from discussing; mold is an issue and we need to and must create awareness.